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Best Real Estate Investing Blogs of 2024

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    Jump into the world of real estate investing with our top blog picks for 2024.

    Perfect for anyone from newbies to seasoned investors, these blogs are packed with insights on navigating the property market.

    Get the latest trends, tips, and strategies to make smart real estate investments and watch your portfolio grow.

    Ready to dive into real estate success? Let’s go!

    Seth Williams knows real estate inside and out. While best known for his outstanding land investing course, Seth’s REtipster blog covers everything from flipping houses to landlord-tenant issues to mobile home investing and beyond.

    BiggerPockets is the 800-pound gorilla in the room of real estate investing blogs. No one can compete with them on size or scope, or on the reach of their blog.

    Or, for that matter, on the sheer volume of their real estate investing podcast library.

    Between the BiggerPockets blog, real estate podcasts, and forum, you can find an answer to just about any real estate investing question ever asked. By anyone, anywhere, in the history of the world.

    RealWealth goes about it slightly differently, however. Through a membership program, they work one-on-one with investors to help them polish their real estate investing strategy, connect investors with turnkey properties and sellers, and scale their real estate portfolio.

    Chris Clothier’s REI Nation first and foremost focuses on turnkey investing. Which makes sense, since they sell turnkey rental properties.

    In addition to helping you learn how to buy turnkey properties long-distance – and selling you those properties if you want them – Chris does a great job with market analysis, breaking down the economic and social trends impacting real estate markets today. He combines an intuitive grasp of market trends with hard data and statistics.

    From raising capital to analyzing cap rates, due diligence to syndications, Ben’s Just Ask Ben Why blog covers all things multifamily investing. Speaking of syndications, that remains a standout area of expertise for Ben. If you’ve ever wanted to participate in a real estate syndication – either as a syndicator or a capital investor – check out Ben’s blog and podcast to learn the ropes.

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    Explore various methods and tools to grow your wealth. Check insights into different investment vehicles and strategies to help you make informed decisions.

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    Focuses on effective techniques for managing personal finances, from budgeting to saving, ensuring a secure and stable financial future. Learn to navigate the complexities of personal finance with practical advice and strategies.

    Financial Planning

    Offers guidance on creating a comprehensive financial plan for the future, covering aspects from retirement to estate planning. Prepare yourself for long-term financial goals and life events.

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    Explores the cutting-edge realm of digital currencies and blockchain technology, offering insights into their impact on the financial world.

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    Provides a comprehensive overview of the international financial landscape, discussing trends, challenges, and opportunities in global markets.