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Wheel And Tire Financing - Custom Wheels - Rims on Credit

Trick out your ride at Patriot's Custom Wheels. Rimfinancing.com carries the Cutting edge designs in today's custom wheel market. Here's just a sampling of the unrivaled selection of wheel and rim brands we carry: Akuza, Cragar, Forte, Incubus, Vagare, VCT, and many more! Our Chrome Custom Rims are designed to meet the needs and standards of today's aftermarket auto enthusiast! If chrome is not your thing, we also carry Black rims, Black and Chrome wheels, and Painted wheels for cars, trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicles. Easy payment terms are available. Our Extreme Customer Service team will guide you flawlessly through your rim and tire purchase. Don't delay, call TODAY, and that sweet set of rollers will fill your fender wells in no time! Wheel and tire financing done fast and easy.  Apply for Wheel And Tire Financing Now, Why wait? Receive your new wheels in a few short days.

New Rim Styles Arriving At Patriot's Custom Wheels With Rim Financing Available

Now is restock time at Patriot's Custom Wheels (RimFinancing.com). New wheel styles are arriving from all the major suppliers. People looking to bling-out their rides for Spring will find all the cutting-edge wheel styles that fit their vehicle. Thin or thick sidewalls, painted or chrome, steel or aluminum, there are endless numbers of combinations that will upgrade the appearance of any vehicle.

Wheels and tires are probably the most important element when upgrading a vehicle. Short of buying a new car, wheels and tires can add a dramatic new look to any ride. In a world where style and image rule, individuals can set their ride apart from all the rest. When in the market for the hottest custom wheels and tires rimfinancing.com has many possibilities. Rims personalized with custom color bezels and inserts as well as contrasting color spokes will be popular again. The spotlight is on distinctive wheel designs from Elure, Incubus, Milanni, Vision and Status. People looking for the hottest wheels for the coolest rides choose the new lineup of rims and tires at rimfinancing.com. Style and innovation set the tone. The popularity of painted wheels is undeniable but sales of chrome plated rims remain high. New low-rolling resistance tires improve fuel efficiency and are manufactured with more environmentally friendly materials. Custom caps can easily be interchanged for a dramatic new look.

Aside from style and fashion, rimfinancing.com makes the process of upgrading a vehicle fast and easy. The financing paperwork process has been accelerated via electronic documents and signatures. New rims and tires are precision mounted and balanced and shipped in protective cartons. Wheels and tires arrive, ready to ride, in six to ten business days. Free deluxe locks and lugs are included with every rim and tire package shipped.

It's tax season again and consumers will be using a portion of their tax refund to get their wheel and tire package and mobile electronics. Often consumers bundle rims, tires and mobile electronics for one easy monthly payment.

Who is rimfinancing.com? Patriotís Custom wheels, a proven leader in the automotive aftermarket industry, have been in the custom rim and tires business for almost a decade. The Owner and Chief Financial Officer of Patriotís has been in the financing business for over 40 years. The combination of offering complete rim and tire packages shipped to the clientís door as well as providing easy financing afford convenience to the automotive after market consumer.

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